Overview of Learning Programs and Services

Transformative Psychology provides the following learning programs and services:

  • Professional learning programs
  • Professional learning programs and services for health professionals
  • Community learning programs
Professional learning programs

Transformative Psychology provides a range of professional learning programs and services for helping leaders, managers and staff in businesses and organisations to develop their people capabilities, enabling them to maximise their engagement, performance and development, and contributing to business or organisational sustainability and success.

These programs and services are designed for people-focused businesses and organisations that truly believe people are integral to their success. Businesses and organisations committed to their leaders’ and staff’s learning and development tend to have a more engaged workforce that wants to make a difference and help the business or organisation to achieve its objectives and priorities.

Transformative Psychology’s approach to professional learning programs commences with a needs assessment, including clarifying your learning objectives and preferred outcomes, working collaboratively to design, deliver and evaluate a tailored learning solution, program or service to an individual or group.

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Professional learning services and programs

Transformative Psychology’s professional learning programs and services include:

  • Wellness and resilience-building programs
  • Mindfulness-based programs
  • Team-building programs
  • Learning and development programs with a specific focus
  • Professional development seminars with a specific focus

Some of the more popular professional learning programs designed and delivered by Transformative Psychology:

  • Building resilience and mindfulness
  • Developing teams and working with differences
  • Responding to challenging behaviours
  • Leading change in the workplace

Professional learning programs available on request, which can be tailored to the needs of an individual or team/group include:

  • Developing new manager or leader capabilities
  • Managing conflict skilfully
  • Communicating assertively and respectfully
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Facilitating courageous feedback conversations
  • Managing loss and grief in healthcare and other settings

Transformative Psychology is committed to the principle, process and practice of lifelong learning and to continuing professional learning and development.

At Transformative Psychology Charles Thermos’ extensive experience as a senior psychologist, senior organisational development consultant and group program facilitator has enabled him to gain an excellent reputation in the design and delivery of a broad range of learning and development programs across various sectors, including health, education, psychology, community and the corporate world.

Charles is committed to ensuring the needs of participants and groups are clearly identified and responded to through targeted, tailored and timely learning and development solutions.

All programs designed and delivered by Transformative Psychology incorporate adult learning principles and a variety of contemporary teaching and learning methods.

Delivery format

Professional learning programs can be delivered to groups / teams or individuals ‘off the shelf’, or tailored to particular needs.

Program length will depend on learning needs and objectives.

Programs can be delivered at your business, organisation or venue of choice.

Professional learning programs and services for health professionals

Transformative Psychology offers a range of learning programs and services programs specifically for health professionals, including:

  • Mindfulness, resilience, and wellness programs
  • Professional learning and development programs or seminars
  • Professional coaching

These programs and services are tailored to the needs of an individual or group.

These programs and services are designed and delivered by Charles Thermos who has many years of experience working with health professionals, including within the health sector, understanding their unique needs, concerns, challenges and aspirations.

Community learning programs

Transformative Psychology also designs and delivers learning programs for people in the community. These include wellness, resilience-building and mindfulness-based programs.

Details about upcoming programs are included in the Resources and New and upcoming programs sections of this website.

Further information

If you are interested in further information about Transformative Psychology’s professional and community learning programs or services, or you would like to discuss your particular needs, please contact Charles Thermos on 0438 055 565 or via e-mail at: charles@transformativepsychology.com.au