Miracles in everyday Life. Awaken and engage with Life now!

The pulse and energy of life is experienced internally, ‘inside your skin’, and, externally, ‘outside your skin’, through your interactions with others, the world and the vast, mysterious and miracle-filled universe. Everything you experience is part of an interdependent One or Whole. Life is calling every person, every moment, sometimes in the form of a whisper and sometimes in the…

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The ACT Matrix: The Psychological Flexibility Warmup

This video features Dr Kevin Polk’s ACT Matrix, which is a really simple, neat and practical overview of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). Enjoy!  

Contemplative presence

Last month I read an article titled The present moment by Jack Petranker in Tricycle: The Buddhist Review (Winter 2014 issue). The author described four ways that people can be present. These are briefly described below. Following these are my personal reflections about the nature and experience of presence and contemplative presence. 1. Therapeutic presence Practising present moment attention by…

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Accepting and embracing who you are

One of the greatest human challenges is accepting and embracing who we are as individual beings. Being human is primary. Everything else emerges from this. Each of us has a unique history and life experiences. We also have our individual strengths, positive attributes and accomplishments. Additionally, there are our vulnerabilities, insecurities, imperfect and shameful parts and experiences. Each of us…

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday season

Transformative Psychology wishes you all a wonderful, joyful and rejuvenating holiday season. Thank you for your support this year. Charles Thermos Director – Transformative Psychology

Opening up to the pain of the world

After attending a mindfulness meditation class recently, which included a talk by an insight meditation teacher on feeling the pain of the world, it left me reflecting on this aspect of our humanity. The pain of the world includes all forms of individual and collective pain – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal, organisational, communal, societal, cultural, environmental and global. There…

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Welcome to Transformative Psychology

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